Kiting #9 (10 Apr): Yes. Getting there. A great session (with Ben again). Straight into the water and about two hours of body-dragging in nice wind. Some others complaining they'd have to get their 14 or 16 kites out, but for me it was perfect. Got really into the technique of using the four lines - building up loads of confidence compared to where I was a few weeks ago. Got fairly lucky with relaunches from the water. Except for one time when I just couldn't get the bugger back up in the air. Had to unhook and swim her back in. Knackering. Tried a self-rescue out in the water. One minor hiccup but other than that - fine. So all in all a great session. Now back to riding solo for a few sessions before I go back maybe for another lesson. Of course I'm still not on the board - but it's getting well within my grasp.

Dolls Point, Brighton-le-Sands, Sydney


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