Kiting 2005 #6.1 (Sat 20 Feb): Staying the weekend at jervis Bay - so headed to the excellent St George's Basin for an afternoon session - in the pouring rain, but very decent wind. SANCTUARY POINT boat ramp is the launch spot - there's always two or three windsurfers there - but I've never seen kites.

The wind was direct Southerly - so roughly in the direction of the Erowal Bay boat ramp. Proto's folks were over from the UK and keen to see the son in action - so I let him go first. Proto had a fabulous session - performing well for the assembled umbrellas. They left to head back not long after.

So I stayed watching the master at work, as the thunder began and the mist dropped over the lake. Lost him. He was trying to make his way upwind - and did make it to roughly that level on the other side (Bream's Beach?). But not - and ended up at the Erowal Bay boat ramp.

Of course - as it came to my turn the weather took a turn for the worse, and the thunder started coming closer. We set up and waited. And waited. As it progressively got worse and the lightning nearer. Some wind came back, but lightening and kites are probably not a good mix - so after a cuppa tea in the disabled toilets, we eventually heeded Kate's advice and called it a day. The next few times with Proto - I'm going first!

Given I didn't get any further than donning my wetsuit this doesn't count as an outing.


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