It was my birthday on Sunday. So me & the wife, Proto & his & our
special guest from windy Perth, and Cuspy & his went down to Botany Bay.
We decided we'd hang out at Kurnell, at the National Park, so if the
wind didn't materialise then we had a nice picnic venue...somewhere nice
for the ladies!

So we hoped for a while for some wind to get the kites out. None came.
So we spent the afternoon scoffing muffins & chicken, and ogling people
and boats with our new 'noccers' (that's Binoculars!).

The kites didn't leave their bags, but there was still of course room
for things to go wrong. Of course there was. This was a kite-day-out.

First up was Cuspy's new car battery. Well it kept going flat. That was
a good start.

Then later in the afternoon we were graced with the company of Fish &
Jade. Fish only came to pick up his deck (the one that went camping)
from Cuspy. So we strung him along for a while that we'd left in it in
the garden in the mad rush out of the house. Would it rain?

But Proto came up trumps - winning a bottle of wine from Fish just as
darkness was falling. Jade had left the keys in Fish's car, half an hour
before the National Park gates would lock us in! No luck with the NRMA
(like the AA) or locksmiths. But while Fish had been on the phone, and
me and Cuspy were choosing our battering ram for the back window of the
Susie (Suzuki), Proto and Perth had been quietly utilising some innate
northern knowledge. He'd broken a bit of wire out of the fence and
managed to shove it down the side of the door and pop the lock up.
Screams of relief all round.

I'm s'posed to out on the water right now as I type. The arrows are
good. But the work situation isn't. Something has to be resolved here.

Since our last almost-festive wind week, I did get married to the
beautiful K, and honeymooned, and learnt to Hobycat in 5 knots, and my
grandpa died at 94 (he was a fan of this kiting tale:


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