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Well a year's gone by since I last blogged my kiting. I'm not even sure if people still blog. It's all FB and smartphone stuff nowadays! But I started this a while ago - - I cant believe NINE years ago - I'll check the date and will have the mark the 10th anniversary with some fantastic kitesurf event, wedding anniversaries/birthdays - stand aside this will be a proper event! A decade has passed and I'm still Waiting for the Wind.

So today - TWO sessions under our belts. Both at Yarra Bay. Sunrise and sunset with a day int he office wedged between.

For ever I've not blogged kite sessions at Yarra or XYZ or ABC and the five other spots around Sydney we treat ourselves to mid week at 5:30am when the great unwashed are not round. Why not? For fear of the masses who don't explore, don't go looking, only go to places they see kites, ruining it for all of us!! Selfish hey

But today at Fishermans and Yarra all the secrecy ends - and with it the job, then the mortgage and house, and I suppose the wife and the kids .... The wind was ON, I was gonna have to swap hours of work toil in the evenings and weekends for an hour late to work and get some of these green arrows under my belt

We kited ... totally stoked .. me and my other "wife" Cole!

Well we got caught out .... no - (Mitch and the other doubters) not me & Nick!! But the Sydney Morning Herald were there snapping our kite antics, unbeknown (is that a word) to us - and are going to publish tomorrow - so I can well imagine the questions in work on Monday! But they don't have my name, just Coley's.

Westerley 20++kts first thing ... don;t tell anyone... parking 2 feet from the sand, warm water but howling wind in our playground

And souwesterley last thing - AMAZING waves crashing over the rock groin - loads of air, little moves on the waves



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