Best of the web: Having spent the last week lost in the internet - here's my top kite sites:

1. where to go to find out where to go
2. top tips and a lot more - the best place for learning
3. the best place for kite banter & news
4. Kitesurf group on Yahoo the 2nd best place for banter & news
5. for wind around the world (only modelled, not real readings)
6. for wind forecasts in Oz

It's birthday time and I've done well so far - "The Complete Kiteboarding Guide" (DVD made by arrived in the post today. I'll post my review and top tips from this in the next week or so. And yesterday, the book "Kiteboarding Vision" turned up (published by the IKO guys). All very exciting. Clearly my lack of progress is being pitied by some and they're trying to help me on my way...!