#23 - Kitesurfing 4 times in a week! Wind blowing as well - what's going on here?

Went for a Friday evening, frantic drive & set up to squeeze some time in the water before nightfall. The arrows were green green green go go go. It was 12m wind...have a look at the chart:

I had some excellent goes - the wind close to overpowering the kite - I dropped the lines down two notches on the leading edge of the kite.

Proto was a star - four or five times he went out and returned to where he started. Looked f'in fantastic - though still bending those knees too much mate!

My antics were slightly less brilliant - but great progress all the same. I did loads of upwind action - but couldn't make it back to where I started. But that's for the next session.

It's amazing how you forget about the sharks when you're hooning along rather than spending your time in the water with legs dangling as bait.

Anyway I'm to be wed in two weeks time. And Kt is starting to worry that I've become obsessed. There's definitely something in that - but the arrows are green at the moment. Everyday - and that's a rare occurrence for Sydney. I know we've got a wedding to organise and I can kite for the next thirty years. But it's so exciting right now. On the cusp of greatness!

Very excited about the big day - loads of friends and family coming over. Some time to appreciate Sydney - and enjoy ourselves. And the honeymoon is to Fiji. I've been given very strict orders about not taking the kite!

Work to do...