Sydney sessions at Towra, back to the secret wave spot & Boat Harbour

Yesterday's little session on Botany: "wow, afternoons like that MAKE living in Sydney ... 3.5hrs kiting on Botany Bay on my own little adventure in 25kts, by surfboard from Dolls to Towra (my private beach by day!) to play about in flat shallows, then an epic upwinder to Hollywood - then borrowed Priya's twintip (thx!) for an hour jumping and crashing, then a kitelooping downwinder into the sunset across the bay alone to land to the last guy on the beach! ALIVE

Just been loving the wind of the last week - - two big sessions at the secret wave spot #2. 2nd one I was braving the old SRT - not been out the bag for a long long while. No gibing unfortunately, but loving the turns coming into shore, and toeside right handers.

Even managed a double session one day - Botany by afternoon and secret spot by dusk. Awesome. Out there with Jase and Richard the architect.

Even got a Sunday session down at Boat Harbour - now $20 to get in there - - wow never seen anything like it, literally HUNDREDS of 4x4 family Aussie BBQ tent action, miles of beach dressed like a carpark, cars lined on the water side and the dunes side with hardly a gap!

More imprtantly tide was low, water was lovely and downwind (southerly) of the reef.

Also had a little mission east from there, heading out round that headland towards the oil refinery. Such a little kid i am - find all that stuff so exciting.

Great day out!