Towra-tastic, strapless in today's yellow arrows

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What!! Both days of the weekend windy, you gotta be joking. But true. Not that it matters to a man of leisure. Yesterday totally amazing, I arrived late and missed the boys, went 12m to Towra from Hollywood, played a bit but was overpowered. If I'd been on ANY OTHER kite I couyld have self-landed on the beach and changed the knots. But not the bloody IDS. No easy self-land on a specific point, just chaotic downwind hope for the best stuff. So anyway that turned out to be a good thing as it sent me back tot he mainland to swap to my 9m. nice little sess, with Daz the Irish Kiter, trying to improve upon my crappy raileys. The alone which I love out there, til I got tangled!

Today I was back but timed it totally wrong, arrving at 2ish and leaving at 4ish just as it went green. BUT, that was a blessing as it made me go out on the surfboard, 6'10" normal surfboard, strapless. Dunno why I'd not done it earlier! 12m, over to Towra, played with Jase, then back to Scarborough in a rush to get back, but dropped my kite - very northerly so wind lulls near the shore line - then struggled for a while to find my board - thought it was upwind of me, so I bodydragged half a beach before I realised it had been downwind of me! Rush rush rush home home home.