Chasing turtles over the Great Barrier Reef at Green Island

Wow that was fun. Helping out on a research project on Green Island off Cairns and managed to squeeze two sessions in. Unbelievably good wind, too good as only one small kite between us. What a spot, it blows from the south east on to the far corner of the island, well beyond the walking range of most day trippers so it feels like your own island paradise. 30 kts in shallow water, loads of fun, even more fun following turtles around the reef. I spotted some rays as well. The wind strong enough to be able to move slowly and controlled over the water checking out the life below. Divine. To top it off, Brother Rich benefited from 10 mins of expert coaching! And pulled off his first air.   

You can get out here for an early afternoon session on the ferry from Cairns, well worth it if you're in this part of the world. Some coral to watch for in low tide but plenty of seagrass areas as well for less sharp landings. Also a nice little bit of reef break on the farthest south-east corner and a little one on the west not too far from the jetty too.