Another Divine weekend We took another 5 students up the coast to some of our super spots for an awesome weekend of kitesurfing. Pure rock n roll, we forced sickies on the punters and took off at Friday lunchtime to catch the forecast Noreaster before night fall - that worked out great and we got our intermediate (Thomas) out on the water at Blacksmiths, while our two newbies (Neil & Joris) got to practice kite skills on the 6m foil on the large empty sandy beach. The instructors also managed a quick session into a stunning sunset. Margot stuck at work arrived Sat am as did Gen.

Saturday was hard to call, the forecast for a very light southerly early came true early and unfortunately kept the promised noreaster at bay most of the day. We played around at a beautiful spot though - just at the tip of "Penis Point" [you gotta see it on google maps, Map view, to see what we mean]. Light breeze and perfect shallow tranquil water for practicing water relaunch, deep water packdown and self rescue - - and some body dragging for the newbies. Good to get that stuff outta the way before we get the real winds. Tried for a late dash to the ocean side to catch some noreast knots before dark but to no avail. Classic - running up the dunes, like a movie, everyone rushing, then, at the top. Stop. No wind. Amble back down - to the great house - and the lamb chops, snags and pasta salad - washed down with plenty of red and a game of Articulate.

Sunday was epic. That noreaster came in early and we spent the morning body dragging and doing serious kite practice on the large sandy ocean-side beach at Blacksmiths. Was really good to get the guys to practice landing and launching over & over again - partly as you can't reinforce enough good technique for both - and also it teaches good control skills. Then messing around in the water, bodydragging - low tide made it nice.

And of course the moment Neil lost my camera - what! Yep - in the water, loosly attached, he legged it to help Joris and lost the Pentax in the shallows. Waterproof but still no where to be seen. Fortunately for all of us the local swimmer had more patience and nouse than us lot put together and went a good 300m south following the cross current and found it! Phew, Neil looked like he was gonna kiss the man. Nick taught Thomas out the back. Next stage was water starts and the shore break was not suitable, so Divine style, we got the crew to agree to a SUPER FAST pack down and jump in the van and head to our flatwater shallow noreaster spot in the Swansea Channel.

The big boys - Thomas included - went on a downwinder mission from 'smiths through the Channel to meet them there the carbon neutral way. Nick led and I followed tightly behind our hero Thomas - I lost a few years! Exceedingly gnarly in there, he lost the board 4 times and downed his kite once, but survived to tell the tale and vow "never again". Over in the Paradise spot, it was shallow (low tide) and flat as a pancake and 15-20kts. Absolutely perfect for teaching water starts. The instructors got some fun too, and Thomas got a few backloops in top finish a fine but exhausting day. Home James. I was driving alone and was so utterly utterly exhausted I had to stop for a sleep when I got to the Pacific Highway.

Another Divine weekend!