#30 - If jump don't use leash!

Well of course we know that. Anyway in this tight session we started trying out Toe side riding. Proto's been watchin his kite DVD and got all buzzed up about that.

I was expecting it to take ages - but it was surprising easy. Though easy heading left but for some reason my brain couldn't work it out going right.

Sensible stuff, in difficult to go upwind conditions. Went only 2 groins down and walked back up...it was hard work to walk back and I suggested putting kite high to walk

Proto in vain tried again to find his wife's lost wedding rign in the sand!

Proto ended with a big reasonable downwinder.

b ut not before he injured himself. Jumped sort of and got thwacked in the shoulder by his board.

"my shoulder cracckkked...like an axe wound (non hairy).

if jump no leash"