Mad f'kers - out in 45 knot gusts! (#33)

Nutters. All three of the kiters out on Botany Bay on Sunday afternoon. Me & the Protocolette included.

But as someone said
"only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"

so we discovered the beautiful Waroo 9m can survive 45knot gusts.
I'm glad I got out the water before we got into the '50s though!

Check that chart above!

And commentary from the co-case:
he and i went out yesterday- he was out in 30 knots gusting to 50. I tried to stop him but he was totally up for it. I worried loads and thought how can i let go of the kite that results in his destruction-his wife would kill me.....anyway as it turns out i couldnt hold the kite anyway and up it went and off he went across the bay like a total pro-he was awsome.We were the only 3 kites out in the bay- the only kite most of the time. The waroo 9m can handle anything.

the waves were massive for botany (normally flat water) - 6 feet the surfer amoungst us reckons.

we didn't kill ourselves.

no real disasters - though the kite did manage to wriggle from under mountains of sand after I'd landed and head off towards the road. we nipped it in the bud tho.

this kite malarley is just pure madness