Perth2 - Got out on the river

[Pic: It's not all kiting - one of the vineyards west of Perth]

Did get out on the water one day .... Crawley on the river got from 8kts to high 20's in the space of an hour.

11m Rev2, Nobile 555 143cm.

SHALLOW water, awesome for learning or practising your tricks. But limited space to launch/land. nice grassy area. lots of hazards, eg road/footpath between set-up and launch. But can laucnh in the water. Seemed to be no more than 1 meter for at keast 500m out.

I was out there in SSW which worked nice

Watched Nellie I think his name was on a 9m Griffin doing some amazing stuff - just soooo natural looking, made it all appear soooo eeeeeasy